Idea for Improving TIFs


Evaluate the impact of a TIF district, before it is created, to insure that both the city and the public know the total impact of the proposed TIF district.

All TIF district requests shall require a "Community Impact Statement" be submitted for approval. The statement shall be created by the applicant, amended by the city, and issued as a joint effort.

The "Community Impact Statement" would be submitted for scrutiny by announcing its existence through normal city channels, placing it on the city's web site, and placing a hardcopy document in each public library in the city. Thirty days after these three (3) requirements are met, hearings shall be held on the proposed TIF (near the proposed site) for the purpose of obtaining input from parties within any of the zones. Ten (10) days after the first hearing, any changes to the proposal shall be made public as before. Ten days after posting the changes, a second hearing, shall be held for comment on the changes. Ten (10) days after the second hearing, the TIF Commission is free to render its decision regarding the TIF.

 NOTE: Hearings should be conducted for the purpose of gathering information, not for speech making, education, or lobbying (for or against). It should be assumed that all parties in attendance are familiar with the proposed TIF plan.

The Statement would have the following characteristics:

 1. It would contain 3 parts:

• A business impact statement

• An infrastructure impact statement

• A residential impact statement

 It would specifically address all areas within TIF Zones 1, 2, & 3 where:

• Zone 1 = anything inside the TIF

• Zone 2 = anything beyond the outer perimeter of the TIF for 800 feet

• Zone 3 = anything from 800 to 1600 feet from the outer perimeter of the TIF

 It would specifically address events from TIF creation to 1, 5, & 10 years beyond creation.


 1. Under the above procedure, the city, the developer, and the public would all provide input at the most critical time - before approval is granted. The total time would be only fifty (50) days, a reasonable time for projects the size of most TIFs.

2. Citizen input would call attention to unseen flaws in the plan because they live or work in the areas impacted by the proposed TIF.

3. Much of the TIF Commission's research could be done by the simple act of listening.

4. Future conflicts will be minimized since all parties know what to expect in the future.

5. All concerns shall become a permanent part of the history of that TIF.

6. The final impact report will provide a standard by which the TIF progress can be measured.