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T.I.F. talk from the news papers

 "BMA asked the Kansas City Tax Increment Financing Commission for $20.9 million incentive package a year ago." "The request came after tax incentives for other projects were instrumental in luring away the last of the BMA Tower's major outside tenants, Butler Manufacturing Co. and MetLife Inc,"

"Butler.......received $9.6 million in tax incentives..........MetLife moved into.....a tax increment financing district......north of the Missouri River"


Hickman Mills School District and the TIF "The discussionswith the tax-increment financing commission and the negotiations with the mall owners have left several board members with a bad taste in their mouths, board President George Flesher sid before the Wednesday meeting."


"If church leaders can come to understand and articulate that blight and TIF and energy and environmental issues are genuine issues of social and economic injustice that affect the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and financial health of their congregates, we can certainly be effective in changing how tax dollars are spent."

"When persons of informed faith and conscience opt out of the public policy arena, our society is shaped by those with lesser motives, and we have no one but ourselves to blame when injustice prevails."


 Mark Funkhouser said, "It (tif) is the fastest growing line item on the Kansas City Budget!"


 "For example Shook, Hardy and Bacon in Crown Center, 13 blocks from its current location in One Kansas City Place at 1200 Main St. The firm has never paid property taxes in its current space and will never pay for property taxes in its next space." Kemper said. What is the public benefit in creating such a program?"


"My assessment of the TIF Commission's decision (to abandon the condemnation) is that there are many more properties around the 11th Street Corridor that DST wants to acquire and they did not want to set a bad precedent by having a jury award what the land is really worth." - - Rhonda Smiley - - she was speaking of the difference between the offered $41.00 per square foot as compared to the jury award of $79.00 per square foot."


"Mark Funkhouser, the Kansas City auditor, has compiled some troubling numbers. The show an astronomic rise in local T I F expenditures, from $1.1 million in 1995 to $21 million this year to a projected $45 million in 2004."


"A policy born to rescue blighted, abandoned communities has turned into a device to:

(1) Pick the pockets of all taxpayers to pad the wallets of developers, and
(2) accelerate the kind of sprawl that eats the heart out of urban economies."


Barbara Shelly writting about the Plaza apartments soon to be torn down, observes that " the outrage is that the owner expects a public subsidy for building offices in the region's hottest location."


Feb. 3 letter to the editor --"send a message to City Hall that its TIF policies are seriously out of line with the true needs of the city,"


Resolution 020211- stating the City Council's intent to not approve the proposed amendent to the Country Club Plaza Tax Increment Financing plan submitted by Highwoods Properties for approximately $12.8 million in tax increment finiancing reimbursable project costs for the demolition of the Park Lane apartment building and construction of an eight story office building with 760 parking spaces on the Park Lane property. This is before the Planning Zoning and Economic Development Committee Wednesday March 6th 2002 at 12:00 26th Floor in the Council Chamber. Request Withdrawn


---from the Preformance Audit Review of the 1999 TIF ANNUAL REPORT Aug. 2000

page #9 "By granting TIF to a parcel of land, the city foregoes its ability to generate full tax revenus on that piece of its tax base for up to 23 years. As the number of parcels that receive incentivies grows, the city may find it increasingly diffcult to generate future revenue growth. Alternatively, sites not included in TIF may be required to shoulder a higher burden for generating city revenues. "



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