VOTE NO on Question 3





Please get your neighbors to vote against this

CHASTAIN nightmare on November 5

This is another sales tax. A new sales tax proposal when we can't pay the city bills for what we already have. People are being laid off. Programs are being cut and we are now expected to start another project that will require millions and millions of dollars. Take a look at the tax elections that have failed and think what kind of shape we would be in today, if those projects had of been started.The last light rail proposal is a good example. They wanted us to spend a billion dollars. This plan wants us to spend a 1/2 Billion Dollars!

There is a better way to transport people, WITHOUT A TAX INCREASE

A bus system with several types of buses traveling where people work, live, and shop in that order of priority. Bus routes can change with demographic changes - rail routes are fixed

Bus lanes, express buses, feeder jitneys, corporate subsidized buses, commuter rail on existent rails, drive time bus routes with fewer stops, all of these are used successfully in other cities.

This particular proposal is flawed, too many questions remain.

Where does the maintenance come from after the ten years is up? What type of traffic studies were acquired to show that closing Broadway is feasible.?

What cost figures have been acquired to justify the rerouting of the traffic and who did the study? Has the Interstate Commerce Commission and MODOT been contacted about the proposed change of the on and off ramps of Interstate 35? What was their response?

They want to---"use imminent domain, if necessary, to acquire private property for any of the above improvements" What do they want to condemn? What isn't being told about this proposal. Is it the route and the location of the stations?

This proposal is not what it seems. WHO IS PAYING THE BILLS??

Who is really backing this proposal. Who paid for the three color brochure and map produced in Athens Tenn.? Why couldn't we have copies of it to show people?

Something smells about this proposal coming up at this time.

Sunday Sept 22 the Kansas City Star had a map of midtown and under UNION HILL/CROWN CENTER/HOSPITAL HILL they listed Future Hopes "More festivals in Penn valley Park and perhaps development of part of the park."

Sunday, Sept.29 Jeffrey Spivak and Kevin Collison wrote "One way the Downtown Council wants the city to help is by offsetting downtowns high costs of redevelopment, which are typically due to land prices and parking expenses. The city government could go so far as to free up developable sites, such as parts of Penn Valley Park. "

At a board meeting of Friends of Penn Valley Park a Mr's. Capito and Sailors spoke of a golf course, using Penn Valley Park and 40 acres on the other side of Southwest Trafficway, apartments on Hospital Hill. They had 29 groups to talk to to complete their study. The first groups they talked with were downtown business groups!!

That was a bad plan, this so called trolley is an ill conceived plan costing half a billion dollars of our tax money.

Parks and Recreation Board passed a resolution which states in part "The Board does not support the sales tax ballot issue and opposes the use of tax payer dollars for this designated project." That is one more safeguard for Penn Valley Park. We have been told that several Neighborhoods are also sending letters against the Broadway closing.

The Board of Directors of Broadway Westport Council, Inc., opposes the transit and Penn Valley Park proposals to appear on the November, 2002, ballot for voters in Kansas City, Missouri, it being our considered conclusion and belief, based on our combined experience and judgment informed by many years involvement and effort in this City, that:  (1) such proposals are detrimental to the health and prosperity of this City; (2) the proposals would commit funding to projects which are not substantiated as prudent investments and which may actually produce poor or negative return on public investment; (3) such projects would have huge displacement costs and highly adverse community impacts throughout Midtown and elsewhere in Kansas City; and (4) the economy of Kansas City, Missouri, would be burdened by the whole cost of projects which are metropolitan-wide in import and impact. 

The Friends of Penn Valley Park, the people who raise money for projects in the Penn Valley Park were never consulted by the people who are backing this petition.

The 17800 people who drive to and from work through Penn Valley Park probably have a lot to say about this idea to have them use another street. Who knows what they think I doubt if they were ever asked for any opinions by the petitioners.

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