Today Kansas City MO. taxpayers pay the following taxes:

A family of four with $50,000 income living in a $150,000 home will pay the following in taxes yearly according to the K.C. Star March 17 2002


Sales Tax

$ 674.00

Property Tax




Kansas City Earnings Tax


Food at the Plaza


Most of us don't make that kind of money, we don't have an expensive house,

but we still pay the following taxes.




Natural Gas




We pay taxes on Gasoline-- Cigarettes-- Liquor-- Groceries-- Automobiles --- Toys--- Books---Records, everything we buy has sales tax added!

In addition to sales tax in Kansas City there is also the Visitor Tax, Water Runoff Tax, Hotel Tax, and now a $4.00 tax on rental cars, taxes that we take from our friends and relatives that come to Kansas City for a visit!!

If you own a business and pay an employee you pay FICA, Social Security, and Witholding Tax and the Business Tax.

Last year we have added a Police Dept Tax and a Fire Dept Tax and a ATA tax to our sales tax burden.

Opps I almost forgot the Boulevard Tax, what ever that is.



When it comes to incrementalism via taxation, the so called Bi-State II afficionados have become real professionals, experts on how to spend your tax dollars for the rich, famous and elite!! They claim to know (better than you do) how to spend your money!

They employ the old sales trick/ploy of "reduction to the ridiculous" with your money better than the best of sales persons!!These self-acclaimed prognosticators of taxation are real slick, most manipulative with words of how to incrementally milk you of your pennies!

They tell us not to worry as it's only a an eighth of a penny here or a quarter of a penny there!! It's NO big deal!! Well, sure, not to the rich and famous but for most us peons, peasants who have to pay a horde of taxes already and are struggling to support our families, it IS a big deal!

How dare they dictate or suggest to us how mundane and un-intrusive taxes can be!! Shame on them!!!! They have NO right - it's NOT their place!!! But if you listen tothese self-anointed un-elected commissioners for Bi-State II, they make it sound like its a walk in the park - a cake walk!! They expect us to continue to go to the trough of taxation. Didn't we dump tea in a harbor once upon a time over this unfair practice!?

The following letter written by William E. Fuiks of Overland Park best captures the outlandish lies of tax incrementalism!!! It portrays the REAL truth!!!

Sincerely, Bob Haggerton

SALES TAXES by William E. Fuiks


"A few pennies a year," and "it will only last a few years"! These are the sales pitches politicians and con men use to get the millions of dollars for their pet projects by increasing sales taxes or taxes in general.

Sales taxes are totally regressive - more egregious - which means that the higher a person is on the financial ladder, the less he/she will pay as a percentage of income. Therefore, those who are not in the higher brackets should look carefully at how a few pennies of additional sales tax can grow over the years and impact our quality of life.

Remember, the sales tax we pay today started out as pennies a year. Those pennies now amount to nearly 7 percent added to the cost of nearly everything we buy - and once enacted, they rarely end.

I support taxation as a means to provide necessary government services. However, I object to tax increases to provide unnecessary frills or to offset wasteful practices by government agencies.

I particularly object to misleading sales pitches by lobbyists and others who stand to gain from the millions of dollars raised.

Read our lips: NO more pennies for taxation!! No newpennies for Bi-State II!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What part of NO do

the rich "key" people NOT understand!!?