The Reverend Ike Arguement

Reverend Ike was a black radio preacher of the 1960's who argued that most people were too poor to live the good life. Therefore, people should mail their money to him, he would live the good life, and they could enjoy watching him.


This arguement is essentially the arguement of those asking the voters of the Kansas City meto area to vote a sales tax upon ourselves to support entertainments that most of us can not afford. When Reverend Ike asked people to send their money, at least he would mail them a prayer cloth to spread over their radio during the broadcasts. The County Tax people don't even offer a prayer cloth for our money. They tell us to be proud to pay for other peoples entertainments.

Those in favor of the tax increase have turned to the Reverend Ike Arguement because the main arguement they have used in the past to justify tax increases, that of claimed economic benefits, has proven to be largly untrue. The area around the stadiums is about the same economically as it was when the sports complex was built thirty years ago.


Reverend Ike's Arguement was essentially a reverse Robin Hood arguement of take from the poor and give to the rich. So too is the STADIUM arguement. To benefit billionaire owners, millionaire players, sports fans who obviously have way to much money, and arts patrons who don't invite most of us to their fancy dress balls, we are asked to vote a tax upon ourselves and upon poor widows and orphans.


At a time when local governments do not meet many of their responsibilities of delivering basic services, we should NOT Vote a tax upon ourselves to support entertainments and pleasures of the well-to-do. They can afford to pay out of their personal funds.


We should Vote "NO" on THE STADIUM on April4, because governments should deliever basic services and should not fund entertainments and pleasures.


from the ---The Loyal Opposition of Kansas City Missouri Richard Tolbert Chairman


So if you vote for the ONE BILLION Stadium Tax (that is with out the roof) and get to feel good that a lot of rich guys are getting to go have fun on you money.