Mr. Byrne made incorrect statements on the KCPT presentation. The figures he used are patently incorrect. The 39 cent per person statement was discredited during the election and Mr. Byrne should look for another number he can use in his negative statements, perhaps one with greater validity.


To set the record straight. The orginal low estimate was from a study the Arts Council did several years ago,that looked at several designated city funds used for the arts. Actual numbers from Porter Arneill, the Director of the Municipal Art Commission, show that with just the 1% for Arts Program, the amounts actually spent, were 2.6 Million in 2002, 1.4 Million in 2003, 2 Million in 2004

In 2003 the 1% for art alloted for just the airport was $2.5 Million that's

$ 3.88 alloted per person for one art project,

or $2.14 actually spent in 2003!


So for the last four years Mr. Byrne's low figure has been incorrect, whether looking at the allotment or actual funds spent in just the 1% for arts funds.It is incorrect whether using the population of Kansas City or the Metropolitan population figures.


We feel that the overall effect of such an incorrect sum within the negative context it was given leads the public to feel that we are a bunch of tight wad skinflints in Kansas City. The truth shows otherwise.




Our volunteers and patrons do a fantastic job. Our schools provide 248,000 arts contacts per year, just among elementary school students in the KCMO School District. We fund the arts in Kansas City in a different manner than other cities might.We have a good mix of volunteers, patrons, public education, taxes and user fees.